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All your marketing needs, in one single platform

Mutuality is a new age, AI enabled, omni-channel digital marketing platform purpose-built for retail. It puts the customer at the centre of your business.
Our platform provides the tools you need to drive stronger customer engagement, and increase visits and average spending to your in-store and online channels. This will help you grow your Brand and extend the customer lifetime value

The pace of change in the digital age has put the customer in control with businesses playing catchup or reacting to new customer trends. It's time to get ahead of the curve and get ahead of your competitors with the tools, the AI and insights to better business outcomes. Mutuality provides a single integrated platform for all customer data, marketing initiatives and analytics. Our Smart CRM enables you to refine customer persona via individual attributes and track the individual customer journey all the way to purchase. We integrate with your existing e-commerce, POS or payment gateway. Our unique system design allows you a multi-tenancy function, so you can tailor campaigns for locality marketing, with each store holding its own discrete database of customers and securely opting into corporate initiatives. This is ideal for a national brand, franchise group or shopping centres that want to empower their individual stores to build a stronger local community connection.

Mutuality Marketing Analytics has been AI engineered so you can see what message, on what channel delivers the sales results and effective customer engagement. This delivers valuable insights to your social media, email, SMS and your other channel strategy in a simple easy-to-read schematic. It is a complete marketing analysis, in real-time across the Group, territory or local store performance.

Core marketing objectives are to reduce the cost of customer acquisition, get a better understanding of the individual customer persona, achieve customer retention, and increase their purchase frequency and average spend. Let Mutuality helps you achieve these objectives with our integrated omnichannel digital marketing solution that has everything you need in a single platform turnkey solution.

Mutuality Software
Helping you get the most out of your business

Evaluate results by channel, store, product or locality.

Mutuality is a single platform which encompasses all your marketing and communication needs

It’s time to say goodbye to all the data silos, multiple systems, and vendors. Mutuality has your customer relationship management database, campaign design and management, analytics, loyalty and rewards management and social channel integration all behind the one log-in saving you and your business time and money.

With our AI engineering and learning database, you can view, measure and reshape campaigns in real-time. The integration of sales within our marketing analytics delivers vital insights and opportunities.

Maximise your ROI benefits with Mutuality Marketing Analytics.

Invest 30 minutes with us to fully appreciate how we can help you identify channel success.

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Create targeted and personalised communications

Customers prefer relevant and timely communications.
Mutuality provides you with rich first-party data, from in-store or online visits, to create personalised and targeted communications to drive better engagement. Create customer segments or personas by applying as many individual customer attributes as you like to support your marketing campaigns. Deliver personalised relevant, one-to-one communication through the customer's preferred channel at the right time.

There is as much to learn about those who do not purchase as there is from those that do. Mutuality knows that every customer is important. Don’t let your
inactive customers drift away, or worse, move to your competitors. Our software has Activity Alert that can trigger a re-engagement strategy to help customer retention and rebuild brand loyalty.

Get personal with your customer with Mutuality First Party Data.

Invest 30 minutes with us to fully appreciate how we can support you drive customer engagement.

Everything you need to build, manage, and optimise a campaign in real time

Are you tired of the tedious process of managing your marketing campaign across multiple channels? Mutuality allows you to build your campaign through easy-to-use templates and tick boxes to deploy across all channels, including social, in one platform. Once your campaign is live, you can review channel performance in real-time and, if required, adjust campaign attributes to deliver the greatest impact.

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Know your customer journey with Mutuality Breadcrumbs.

Invest 30 minutes with us to fully appreciate how we support the in-store and online experience.


Our Unique Multi-Tenancy Capability Conquers The Challenge Of Localisation

Enhance local area marketing at the store level. Do you need to keep customer data secure at a store level, but allow Group-wide marketing campaigns? Mutuality has the answer. We have a unique ‘multi-tenant’ capability within our digital marketing platform that allows each store to hold its own discrete customer database and to share customer data securely when opting into Group or franchise marketing.

These capabilities also include workflow and approval
processes so each store can manage its discreet database and better connect with its local community. Mutuality empowers your member's stores, builds trust and cooperation within the Group.

The power of our digital marketing platform needs to be seen to be believed.

We invite you to invest 30 minutes with us to fully appreciate how we can empower your business.

Get the support you need each step of the wayWith our local support team

Mutuality Software Pty Ltd is a local Australian-based company with office and support teams in Melbourne and Sydney.

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